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Licensing & endorsement

BCA licensing application

We manage the entire BCA licensing application for you, including all drawings and design indication starting at $350 per application process.

Professional Engineer endorsement

Should your signage installation require 'PE' (Professional Engineer) endorsement, we can assist with the structural design and other technical considerations to ensure your signage gets endorsed fully. Please contact us for our rates on this service.

Signage Services

Delivery & Installation

We deliver and, optionally, install any signage ordered from us. Our base rates and competitive, and the discount we give on larger orders ensure that you get the best value with any signage order you place with us!

Graphic Design

We can convert any logo to proper vector format for signage and large-format printing at only S$50 per conversion. And as a bonus, we give you the vector file, so that you never again need to struggle with creating signage or print material.


For large projects and events, we can help you create the perfect signage with our CG virtualization technology, where we take pictures of any location and render in signage to show you a photoreal preview perfect for large events and facelift projects for office space or even entire buildings.

Signage Products

Home Decor

  • Door signs

home owners may consider stainless steel cut out sign as ​their home unit number. Other material options include acrylic, aluminium, wood, and composites.

  • Vinyl decals

cost-effective and perfect for adding individuality, soul, or a dash of sophistication to your home as well as easily maintained and updated to refresh the ambience of any room​

  • Outdoor signs

Stainless is extremely durable and will last for decades. Other material options include: acrylic, aluminium, wood, and composites​

Commercial Signage

  • Lightbox

  • Framed sign

  • Channel Letter

  • 3D-cutout sign

  • Digital Sign

  • Bespoke Sign

  • TV menu

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